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Automatic Industrial Checkweigher with Labeling Machine Combo for Box

The checkweigher with labeling machine combo for box can weigh the packaged items while running at high speed to complete the positioning and labeling of the packaging. The labeling head has various forms and labeling methods. Air blowing, rotating and stamping labeling heads are optional. 


Automatic Industrial Checkweigher with Labeling Machine Combo for Box

Product Introduction

The checkweigher with labeling machine combo for box can weigh the packaged items while running at high speed to complete the positioning and labeling of the packaging. The labeling head has various forms and labeling methods. Air blowing, rotating and stamping labeling heads are optional.  The modular design of the automatic industrial checkweigher with labeling machine is also quite outstanding in terms of flexibility, durability and easy maintenance. Our products have a wide range of specifications, sizes, and styles, providing various customized solutions. Welcome to contact us.

Checkweigher with labeling machine combo for box pictures

Automatic Industrial Checkweigher with Labeling Machine Checkweigher with Labeling Machine Combo for Box Industrial Checkweigher with Labeling Machine Combo for Box

Technical Parameter

Printing Width 104mm
Printing Length 1651mm
Distinguish ability 300dpi
Label width 20mm~115mm
Label Size external diameter 203mm; inner diameter 76mm
Label thickness 0.076mm~ 0.305mm
Label medium type continuous paper, die cutting paper
The standard precision ±1mm
Labeling speed 0-15 pieces/min


Main Features

1. Space Saving: Integrating both a checkweigher and a labeling machine into a single unit saves valuable floor space on the production line compared to having separate machines for each function.

2. Streamlined Operation: Operators can perform both weight inspection and labeling tasks with a single system, simplifying operation, reducing labor costs, and minimizing the need for additional equipment.

3. Increased Efficiency: The combo system allows for faster throughput and more efficient production line operation by seamlessly integrating weight inspection and labeling processes. This results in higher productivity and reduced downtime.

4. Improved Accuracy and Compliance: By combining checkweighing and labeling functionalities, the combo system ensures accurate product weights and compliant labeling, helping manufacturers meet regulatory requirements and quality standards.

5. Product Traceability: Integrated labeling capabilities enable the printing and application of variable data such as batch codes, expiration dates, serial numbers, and barcodes directly onto the product or packaging, enhancing traceability throughout the supply chain.

6. Customization Options: Combo systems offer flexibility and customization options to meet specific application requirements, including different label sizes, shapes, and formats, as well as adjustable labeling positions and orientations.

7. Integration with Vision Inspection: Some combo systems may include vision inspection capabilities for additional quality control, such as verifying label accuracy, readability, and placement, as well as detecting defects or missing labels.

8. Data Logging and Reporting: Combo systems may feature advanced data logging and reporting capabilities, allowing for the collection, storage, and analysis of weight and labeling data for quality control, process optimization, and regulatory compliance purposes.

9. Reject Mechanism: Integrated checkweigher systems typically include a reject mechanism to remove non-compliant products from the production line, ensuring only accurately weighed and properly labeled products are released for distribution.

10. Ease of Maintenance: Combo systems are designed for ease of maintenance, with accessible components, tool-free adjustments, and user-friendly interfaces to minimize downtime and maximize uptime.

Customized Process

Checkweigher with labeling machine combo for box manufacturers offer a wide range of customization options to customize the design, functionality and specifications of checkweigher labeling machine systems to meet the specific needs and requirements of OEM/ODM customers.

Application Scope

This checkweigher with labeling machine combo for box is designed to apply 1 label to the top and flat surface of the product. The advantages are high precision, no wrinkles, and no bubbles, making the object very beautiful. Suitable for various round and square bottles, boxes, cans, jars and other flat items, such as stationery, CDs, cartons, boxes, fruit and vegetable tray bags, etc.

Company Profile

Introduction to our company
1. Established in 2010.
2. Shanghai high-tech enterprise.
3. We have more than 14 years of experience in the field of checkweigher machinery, metal detector and have our own factory, which can provide you with projects that best suit your needs.
4. 6-8 international machinery exhibitions every year.
5. Supply OEM/ODM manufacturing.
6. Multiple engineers to ensure quality/service.
7. As a manufacturer and trader, we have good quality and price control on our products.
8. Products are exported to more than 40 countries including the United States, Canada, and Mexico; Australia, New Zealand; Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain; France, Poland, Israel, Russia, South Korea; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, etc.

9. Main products:Checkweigher MachineAutomatic Check WeigherCapsule Tablet CheckweigherCheckweigher with Labeling Machine ComboHigh Accuracy CheckweigherHigh Speed CheckweigherInline Weight CheckerMulti-lane CheckweigherWeight Sorting MachineDigital Metal detectorCapsule Tablet Metal DetectorCheckweigher and Metal Detector ComboFood Metal DetectorIndustrial Metal DetectorPharmaceutical Metal Detector

Our Customers


Packing & Shipping

High-Quality Material: The plywood box is made of high-quality wood, which is sturdy and durable with good load-bearing capacity.
Fumigation treatment: Export fumigation plywood boxes have undergone strict fumigation treatment to ensure that they do not contain any harmful organisms and comply with international export standards.
Quick connection design: The box adopts a quick connection design, which facilitates disassembly and assembly, saves time and reduces labor intensity.
Easy to open and reuse: The box has a simple design and is easy to open, making it convenient for loading and unloading of goods. At the same time, plywood boxes can be reused, reducing logistics costs.
Internal plastic film packaging: The box is packed with plastic film to effectively protect the goods from salt, wind or damage. In addition, plastic films have good sealing properties, which can prevent microbial intrusion and ensure the safety of goods.

After-sale Service

1. Equipment installation and debugging: The company provides detailed operating manuals and free operating training so that customers can master the use of the equipment.
2. Technical support: The company provides 7×24-hour technical support. If customers encounter any problems during use, they can contact engineers at any time to solve them.
3. Accessories supply: The company provides original accessories to ensure the quality and stability of the accessories.
4. Quality assurance: The company is responsible for the products sold and ensures that the quality and performance of the equipment meet industry standards.
5. One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance

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