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Warmly Welcome Indonesian Customers to Visit Our Factory

Warmly Welcome Indonesian Customers to Visit Our Factory


Recently, Indonesian customers came to Shanghai for a practical visit and came to our factory in Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. We warmly received them. During the period, customers visited the checkweigher machine and digital metal detector production lines, learned more about the new products, and discussed and exchanged technical problems with technicians.

In order to allow customers to have a more comprehensive understanding of the company, we first gave the customer a brief introduction to the overall situation of the company, and then accompanied the customer to visit our production workshop, allowing the customer to have a good understanding of our company’s checkweighers, metal detectors and workshops. Have a more intuitive understanding of the production environment. After conducting product testing, the customer was very satisfied and was willing to carry out a new round of cooperation planning. Subsequently, the two parties had in-depth communication on the details of the equipment that the customer needed to purchase.


Our services and capabilities
1. Professional quality. More than ten years of experience in testing equipment, always paying attention to customer needs.
2. Low cost of use and maintenance. People-oriented digital, intelligent and modular design, excellent performance, easy operation and maintenance.
3. Strong R&D and design capabilities can be customized according to customers’ special requirements.


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