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Online Capsule Tablet Sample Checkweigher Equipment Pharmaceutical High-precision Particle Checkweigher

Shanghai Shigan's online capsule tablet sample checkweigher has the characteristics of high precision, automatic detection, fast switching, and strong stability. It can be seamlessly integrated with the production line to improve automaotion level.


Online Capsule Tablet weighing Checkweigher Equipment Pharmaceutical High-precision Particle Checkweigher

Shanghai Shigan’s online capsule tablet sample checkweigher has the characteristics of high precision, automatic detection, fast switching, and strong stability. It can be seamlessly integrated with the production line to improve automaotion level. The operation interface of the pharmaceutical high-precision sample checkweigher is user-friendly, and the hygiene design ensures a safe production environment. Customizable according to needs to meet different production lines. For further information about our services, or if you would like one of our professionals to contact you, please contact us.

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Online Capsule Tablet Sample Checkweigher Equipment Online Capsule Tablet Pharmaceutical Checkweigher Capsule Tablet Sample Checkweigher for Pharmaceutical

Type SG-DJ10

Weighing Range 20-2000mg

Limited of product L: 100 W: 100 H: 2-150mm

Accuracy ±1mg Depends on product

Division Scale  1mg

Each Channel Speed 100 pcs/min

Machine Weight 80kg

Power Supply AC -220V ±10% 50HZ

Power 100W

Main Material SU304 stainless steel

1. The core part of the equipment adopts high-precision electromagnetic balance weighing sensor, DSP high-speed signal processing system and military aviation-level software algorithm, which measures data quickly, runs stably and has strong anti-environmental interference ability;
2. It can detect all types of capsules such as 000 00 0 1 2 3 4 5 SA, SB, and conventional tablets;
3. The whole machine’s “unit expansion structure” and “infinite parallel” working mode enable one host to control up to 1024 single machines at the same time, and the work efficiency can be infinitely improved. At the same time, it becomes extremely easy to choose the model according to the work efficiency;
4. The mold adopts a building block-type overlap and positioning structure. When changing the capsule model, the mold can be quickly disassembled and assembled by hand, and the positioning is correct;
5. The molds of adjacent capsule models are universal, such as 00# and 0#, 1# and 2#, 3# and 4#, which reduces the number of molds and reduces the cost of equipment use;
6. Small size, does not take up space, and is easy to move;
7. Reasonable design, few equipment failure points, easy to use, simple operation and maintenance, low later maintenance cost;
8. Flexible work, can be used online with production equipment, or offline as a stand-alone machine;
9. Production formula management call, rich data statistics, data storage, query and printing functions;
10. Preset qualified range, fast and automatic sorting of good and bad products;
11. Ergonomic design, large-size color touch screen, user-friendly operation interface, intuitive chart display;

Customization Philosophy:

The product demonstrating may not perfectly meet your requirements,

our philosophy is to customize your real need.

To minimizing idle capacity and function. To supply you performance and cost balanced products. Following are the factors shall be take into account during customization:

1,Products to be packed

2,Container to be filled, type and specification.

3,Capacity requirement

4,Automation requirement

5,Protection requirement

6,Other specific requirement

1. Waterproof PO film + wooden box
1) Dust removal and cleaning
2) Lubricate transmission parts
3) Divide the machine into modules
4) Wrap the modules with plastic film
5) Pack the modules into plywood boxes
6) Mark the box with shipping marks
2. According to the customer’s packaging requirements.

Shanghai Shigan Co., Ltd. was found in 2010 and is locate in Shanghai. Shanghai Shigan has an independent large-scale R&D organization, a complete production and manufacturing system and a huge marketing service network. It is an international assembly line weighing testing equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing, marketing and services.

At present, our company’s products have pass the CE EU certification and are export to many countries and regions such as Europe, the United States, Singapore, Thailand, etc. The products are widely use in food, medicine, daily chemicals, chemicals, agricultural and veterinary drugs and other industries.

Over the years, the company has continuously carry out technological transformation, and the product quality has been significantly improve, which has been highly recognize by domestic and foreign customers. The main products are: Checkweigher MachineAutomatic Check WeigherCapsule Tablet CheckweigherCheckweigher with Labeling Machine ComboHigh Accuracy CheckweigherHigh Speed CheckweigherInline Weight CheckerMulti-lane CheckweigherWeight Sorting MachineDigital Metal detectorCapsule Tablet Metal DetectorCheckweigher and Metal Detector ComboFood Metal DetectorIndustrial Metal DetectorPharmaceutical Metal Detector

Pre-Sales Service

1.Inquiry and consulting support.

2.Sample testing support.

3.View our Factory.


After-Sales Service

1.Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

2. One year warranty, lifetime repair

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