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High Quality Pickled Vegetable Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector Machine Price

The food sauce pipeline metal detector machine can detect metal objects containing iron, non-iron, and other metals. The sensitivity can be adjusted separately and has a memory function.


High Quality Pickled Vegetable Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector Machine Price

The food sauce pipeline metal detector machine can detect metal objects containing iron, non-iron, and other metals. The sensitivity can be adjusted separately and has a memory function. It can store 10 types of detection materials. The overall design of the high quality digital metal detector machine meets the requirements of food machinery and is suitable for connecting assembly line detection operations. Our products have a wide range of specifications, sizes, and styles, providing various customized solutions. Welcome to contact us.

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Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector Machine High Quality Pipeline Metal Detector Pickled Vegetable Sauce Pipeline Metal Detector

1. Dual-loop electromagnetic wave detection, the combination of new analog circuit and digital circuit improves the sensitivity and reliability of detection.
2. New software algorithms and large-scale integrated circuits improve the intelligence of detection.
3. Humanized interface design, avoiding language operations, the whole process is simple and intuitive, and the human-machine interface is clear at a glance
4. Dynamic zero-point voltage tracking, automatic learning detection function, reducing personnel operations
5. Multi-frequency scanning, wide sensitivity adjustment range
6. When metal is detected, sound and light will alarm simultaneously, and the machine will stop or reject unqualified products (multiple rejection methods are optional)

Type: SG-ML150

Pipe inner diameter: 150

Detection Sensitivity: Fe φ1.0; SUS304 φ1.5

Pipe flow: 8 t/h

Deadweight of Machine: 160kg

Product default quantity: 100 type

Detected product form: Powder, small particles, liquid, paste

Air Source Requirement: ≥ 0.5MPA

Alarm Way: When metal is detectedm it will be alarmed and automatically rejected

Pipe Material: PP

The design of the sauce pipeline metal detector machine must take into account factors such as the speed of the production line, the accuracy of detection, and the impact on materials. Can be customized according to specific requirements.

Food sauce pipeline metal detector machine is a device used for various liquid products, widely used in industries such as food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, and chemical industry. For example: fruit juice, beverages, seasonings, sauces, skincare products, shampoo, shower gel, milk, yogurt, etc

Why choose us?
1. We are a professional checkweigher supplier, and our products are high quality and safe! And we hope to establish long-term and stable cooperative relationships with our customers. All the products we sell have quality assurance! If it is found that there is a quality problem with our company’s products, we will be responsible to the end!
2. More professional consulting services! The company has technical staff dedicated to customer service to provide you with equipment maintenance, production technology, product use and technical consultation at any time!
3. Better prices! Price is not the most important factor in deciding to buy. Reliable quality and cost-effectiveness are the most important. Moreover, we will earn less than our peers and make more profits to our customers! Help customers reduce production costs and increase production profits!
4. Stable and long-term cooperative relationship! Shanghai Shiqian Industrial Co., Ltd. already has a place in the industry with its solid foundation and professional services! We are committed to helping customers solve production equipment and production capacity problems and establish long-term and good cooperative relationships! As long as the customer needs it, we will satisfy it!
5. More diverse and flexible solutions to meet your needs! We will carefully record every one of your needs and do our best to solve the problem for you.

6.Our main products

Free export fumigation plywood box, quick connection design, easy to open and reuse;
Internal plastic film packaging protects goods from salt, wind or damage;

1. Equipment installation and debugging: The company provides detailed operating manuals and free operating training so that customers can master the use of the equipment.
2. Technical support: The company provides 7×24-hour technical support. If customers encounter any problems during use, they can contact engineers at any time to solve them.
3. Accessories supply: The company provides original accessories to ensure the quality and stability of the accessories.
4. Quality assurance: The company is responsible for the products sold and ensures that the quality and performance of the equipment meet industry standards.
5. One-year warranty and lifetime maintenance

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