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2023 Xiamen International Machinery Exhibition Has Come to A Successful Conclusion

2023 Xiamen International Machinery Exhibition has come to a successful conclusion-Shanghai Shigan

Exhibition date: November 12, 2023

Exhibition location: Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center



In 2023, Shanghai Shigan Company was honored to participate in the International Machinery Exhibition held in Xiamen. The theme of this exhibition is “Innovation, Collaboration, Green, and Intelligence”, aiming to promote exchanges and cooperation in the global machinery industry.


Shanghai Shigan is an influential company in the field of mechanical manufacturing, focusing on providing high-quality mechanical products and solutions. This exhibition showcases the latest products and technologies, including checkweigher machines, high-precision capsule tablet checkweighers, ultra-high speed checkweighers, multi-lane checkweighers, capsule tablet metal detectors, food metal detector, conveyer belt metal detection machines, and other models.


Shigan’s products have attracted the attention of many viewers, and our technical team has also enthusiastically communicated with visitors. At the same time, we are able to collect the latest industry trends and market demands to further optimize and upgrade our product line. If you have any questions, welcome to contact us!



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